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UMC50 was created after seeing many different clients, for a number of different reasons, with a very high success rate. 


I have gained many therapy tools over my years of experience as a Mindset Coach. For best results, my clients should want to make it work, with a passion to want to achieve the goal. They should be prepared to come to see me, open minded and motivated. I need co-operation and with that, if we both feel like we can work together, then we will begin to condition your mental state for you to reach full potential. 


UMC50 is here to help you condition you mind. Using various methods to get the optimum results. Each session will last between 1 hour - 1 and a half hours.


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Conditioning is the ability to retrain your mind to the way you wish it to think and feel, which will cause you to act in a manner which is in line with these thoughts. This means you can be your authentic self whilst feeling comfortable with your skills and abilities to deal with a variety of situations.

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4 Week Transformational Programme - Beat Anxieties and Feel Confident in Yourself


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Have strong ideas but too scared about being taken seriously?

Feel you need to wear a mask for others to be comfortable around you?

Turn up all prepared but end up finding anxiety turns you apart when faced with pressure?

Feel others know you but you're not sure you truly know yourself?

In conflict with your thoughts and beat yourself up over small things?

Procrastinating and not getting on with your goals and dreams?

Can listen to criticism but end up taking it to heart?

After all you have achieved, still feel a sense of low self esteem?

Feel like you've been knocked back and not sure how to get back to the top?

Do you put yourself down, avoid social gatherings, cause yourself panic over every symptom anxiety gives you? 

Do you have a vision, but the fear of failure is overwhelming?

If the answer is yes to any of these then umc50 could be for you...