Personal Change

Have a one to one personal session to help you get to the mental state YOU want!!

Do you want to improve your mental conditioning on any of these areas?

Destroy Anxiety

Together we will discover how and why you achieve a high anxiety state and learn techniques to lower, this awful feeling. It can dominate peoples lives. If you are living with this, isn't it time you become free of it.

Get rid of a BAD habit

Have an habit which has no useful purpose. Lets get rid!

Kick Smoking for GOOD

Smoking sucks, if your ready to stop but finding it hard, I'll help you find It easy.  


Sleep like a Log

Hit that pillow and go to dream land.

Switch off your worrying

Utilise that amazing imagination for something useful.


Melt away FAT

Get the body you want with a step by step fat melting programme. 

Improve your Sport Mental Performance!

Your body might be in the best shape, but is your head. Don't be the one to neglect the power of your mind.

Gain Unstoppable Confidence

Give yourself the confidence you deserve.

Discover True Self Esteem

See what the world is like when you love and respect yourself

Get Motivated


I see clients 1 to 1 or via Skype




Quit Smoking