Whether you prefer a Face to Face Session or a Group Seminar or even to be linked onto a Facebook Live Seminar - I hope there is something which will suit everyone.

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Have a 1-1 personal session to help you get the mental state YOU want!

Destroy anxiety, get rid of a bad habit, kick smoking for good, sleep like a log, switch off your worrying, melt away fat, improve your spot mental performance, gain unstoppable confidence, discover true self esteem, ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM.


I work with Sports Men and Women to help prepare for the big day and help overcome the bumps along the way. The best Sports Performers know how important it is not to neglect the mind. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Let me be part of your preparation. Do you want the edge? Don't neglect your mental preparation. Have the Ultimate Mental Conditioning.


UMC50 provides a number of workshops, aimed at providing the best quality of training. Training to help improve your mindset or provide you with personal development skills.

Take a look at the upcoming courses and see what may help you today.


Want the optimum mental conditioning for you and your staff? We can design the workshop that suits you.

What's missing from your business? Is it Confidence Training? Building Rapport? Do you want to stress less under pressure?


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Whether you've been in a car accident (as the driver, rider, passenger) or even a witness to an accident, you may be subject to trauma. It can leave those involved with not only physical injuries, but also the mental trauma from them.

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If you have been subject to a type of violence, or have been a witness, it can leave long term mental trauma. Flash backs, hypervigilance, lack of trust, fears.

Violence can come in many forms, an assault, robbery, burglary, domestic incident. These moments can be gleating, taking minutes not seconds. I can help you process the traumatic memory so you can move on with your life.


It's not often recognised how the impact of a hard sports tackle, a dangerous fall or a difficult collision can affect a Sports Performer.

It's not just tackles - it can be from fouls, crashes, impacts - anything that causes the mind to receive a traumatic memory. 

The great news is these negative emotions and memories can be changed, so you can get back on track to being the player and person that you were.