Releasing Negative Feelings and Emotions through Hypnosis! (Click Blog to view YouTube Clip)

Updated: Jan 26

What has happened in your life? I have a wonder sometimes?

Truth is... many of my clients are surprised how often I work content free.

What is working content free?

It's the ability to work without any detail as to what has occurred. It's fascinating to work in this way. What this means is, if the clients has gone through a traumatic event, the therapist does not need to know any of the details of this.

I work with the unconscious mind and help the client guide their mind into releasing traumatic events so they can finally heal.

Here is a video I made many years ago of a client releasing negative thoughts, emotions, and blocks. I did not know what they were, and most likely neither would she know until they are being released.

It helped her recover from Fibromyalgia. ( Fibromyalgia explained very very simply - is often the bodies way of saying, your taking onto much, your too kind and helping too many people, please slow down, or else i'll need to make you )


But am I in control?

Hypnotherapy is only one of the many tools we use to get profound powerful change within you... However which ever one we use, its all natural states of your mind. Your mind will not venture into a state you've never experienced before, but what you will find is the amount of change, emotions, feelings and thoughts that can be changed within these natural states.

Hypnotherapy is a deep state of focus, allowing us to make changes to your mindset for you to feel confident.

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