If you can imagine so powerfully this.....

... Then just imagine what else your mind could achieve in a hypnosis session aimed at removing trauma and anxiety.

We hold our emotions and memories in the subconscious part of our mind. The same part which controls our creativity, the images our brains create, the emotions which are attached to those images and the language we speak when all these are joined together.

So as fun as it is sticking this lovely chaps hand to table in a pub, there's a serious point here for you to understand. If his mind allows both he and I to that part of the brain to believe his hand is stuck to the table of a pub garden, therefore making allowing him to believe it's his reality, imagine what else that part of the mind can achieve when it comes to personal change.

Often we here people say to us when we feel pretty stressed or angry 'Just calm down it will all be fine!'.

They are doing their best to calm us down us down using logic.

When it's not logic running the ship, its emotion. Emotion needs to be dealt with via creativity. This is where Hypnotherapy comes in. Allowing access to these thoughts, feelings and emotions we can make powerful changes using the part of the mind causing the problem. In a safe creative way.

Interested? Curious?

I now an experience session at half the price.

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