Fighters are becoming aware of the power of Hypnosis

Updated: Jan 28

It was once thought of that Hypnosis was all woo woo. In fact worse than that, it was thought of as only being used by the weak minded.

Roll on the years, and with knowledge that Mike Tyson was even hypnotised before each fight, Conor McGregor using legendary coaches like Tony Robbins using hypnosis and mind coaching is no longer a sniffed at.

The Power of the Mind is no longer underestimated......

..Now Fighters are searching for the best Mind Coaches...

Fighters put their health, even their lives on the line when they go into the ring. By putting it all on the line by only utilising the fitness and skills game is not a sensible one. The fight can be won and lost through the mental battle alone.

What can Hypnosis help with?

What can hypnosis help with?


Skill (That's right - visualising the preparation, visualising the fight will all help improve fighting skills)

Pre Fight nerves - Some nerves are always good but having it under a certain control will help

Blocking opponents mental games

Fully exploring the minds ability to notice micro muscle movements in an opponents body to pre-empt movement.


Controlled mindset in the ring

I have felt honoured to have worked with fighters of all levels. From charity fights, all the way to a world championship fight. ( WIBA Fight )

I do love working with fighters mindsets. Its amazing how crucial it is. Getting their thoughts together, their emotions in check and ready to step in that ring and to fight to win.

If you have a professional, amateur or charity fight....

Plan out your mindset training. It will help you in the ring.

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