Client cannot believe 57 year old Bird Phobia is GONE IN ONE HOUR!!

A very brave client came to me with a phobia which had haunted her for 57 years!! That's right, a debilitating phobia for 57 year.

"The Table went up and over, and our meals just went flying every where! Everyone in the restaurant starred, but I just couldn't help it. The second I saw the seagull land nearby, I flipped the table and just ran"

This was one of the stories this amazing client told me, which happened when she was on holiday in Spain.

She would avoid anywhere with birds. Museums, shopping malls, places with statues.

For a phobia like this I used a technique called Kinetic Shift, then some hypnosis and NLP.

The phobia.. was gone, within about 40 minutes.

We went for a walk in the park looked at some local birds, and the fear was gone. The expression of surprise will stay with me forever. This client did amazing! - I'm so proud of her that she gets to live her life and go to the places she wishes.

If you want to see the after interview click the link below.

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