'I've been there. Riddled with my own anxieties, after being thrown a number of life's disasters.

When these life lessons came along, I used to feel them as setbacks to my life and they added to only making me feel more anxious and lower my confidence, slowly before i knew it, my self belief had been shattered. 

This new unwanted way I had conditioned myself ended up influencing my relationships my motivation to get out and move destroyed my focus in my own business.

I would constantly tell myself ...


"Time to stop now, you're not good enough, I don't think you're going to get any better so give up!"

I used to believe I could handle most tough situations. However this all suddenly vanished, I had hit rock bottom.

I was now riddled with my worries, stresses and anxiety.

I knew how to wear a confident mask for others, so very few knew my inner struggles. What I was able to show on the outside didn't necessarily reflect what was going on within the inside.


Eventually it all got too much. I decided to take action and soon found myself on the road of self discovery in order to get out of this dark place.


Now that i am the living proof you can accomplish what you put your mind to, by beating my own anxieties, worries and self doubt, I have become the mind coach that people turn to to beat their own anxieties, and build their mindset into a strong successful confident one. 

I am proud to see clients from all over the world via my online sessions and have now helped hundreds of clients have the UMC50 mindset.