Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from a session?

After an initial consultation which is free, we will manage each others expectations, and discuss what it is you would like to improve. It's important for you to find a therapist which is right for you. If we feel there is a better suited therapist, then that will conclude the consultation, with no hard feelings. If we both feel like we will work well together then after having a mutual plan, we can arrange a time and date for a session or if theres time avaiable we maybe able to start the session there and then. You can expect a number of different methods being used in order to help you reach your goal. Session times will vary. I can be quite flexible. Sessions can be 55 mins to an hour and a half.

Will this work for me?

Please be aware, all of these methods are most effective when the client comes with an open mind, with the willingness to allow their own mind to be conditioned to the way they want it. This may sound strange, but if client has come to test, or prove skeptisism, or its a phobia or habit, that someone else wants you to resolve, this is harder to resolve. Please attend ready for the conditioning that YOU want to take place.

How do these methods work?

Hypnotherapy This is an amazing method. Working directly with your subconscious mind in order to change the habits that either need removing, changing or improving. In this state of mind its not unusal to feel relaxed and peaceful, there is no feeling attached being under hypnosis, its something we experience on a regular basis. Its very powerful when we this type of creative daydreaming to alter the processes of the mind. Neuro Linguistic Programme This is discussing how you gather and process information. It is another very effective method, and it can be unusal at first exploring a new way of learnng how your mind is processing information and how quickly this can be changed to reach your goal. BWRT Understanding the neurones in the brain send signals from A to B extemelly quickly. Creating our reactions. Understanding this we are able to change the pathways to provide a different reaction than the one we currently have. Sports Diploma Mind Coach Understanding how to reach peak performance in your sport. Using various and combined methods to improve the sportsman's mental preperation, mental game, and after game.

How can I make payments?

I currently accept cash or any of the major credit or debit cards.