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Experience session 

Schedule an

experience session

Book a session using the link below which will direct you to the Setmore Schedule Page. Please allow at least 48hrs for the booking of the appointment.

(Clients can be seen from all over the world.) 

Recieve a consultation form and payment link

You will be emailed a consultation form and payment link. Experience sessions are charged at £60. You will be sent a Zoom Invite for the scheduled time.

experience session

During the Zoom call the consultation form and goals will be discussed. You will then receive an experience in Hypnotherapy and other techniques which may be required in the session. 

This will all take approximately an hour.

set out a plan

After your experience it can be decided if further sessions are needed and a programme established. Further sessions will be charged at the individual rate or package rate dependent on what is predicted for you to achieve the desired outcome.