Are you ready to utilise your anxious energy into building a successful life

(Whilst actually beating the Anxiety Cycle)?

If the answer is a strong yes... Continue reading!

Owen - Anxiety Breakthough Client

Anxiety Breakthrough Academy 

But wait.... First you need to be sure you are finally ready to make the change?

You will need the following to succeed in the programme.

  • Commitment. You will need to commit to the program, to not just consider doing the tasks but to do each one seriously and to work your hardest

  • Support. You will receive support from the group and myself throughout the course, but its also important to seek support from close friends and family, to help drive you forward and not to put you down.

  • Preparation. You will need to prepare to move outside of your comfort zone. Most of the growth you find in yourself is outside your comfort zone. We will work as a team and all effort will be to get you to the place you want to be. This could be outside your comfort zone.

  • Mindset shift. There will not be coping mechanisms, there will not be comparing anxiety symptoms, this is the place to understand anxiety, and how to breakthrough it. If your ready, .... truly ready then please book below. 

The Programme

You'll be added to a private Facebook Group for continued support.


Sessions are on Wednesday and Sunday Evenings UK Time via Zoom Conference Call.


Replay will be added to the Facebook group.

All you need is a laptop or smart phone with camera a note pad and pen and willingness to commit to the full program. 

Clients can join from most countries around the world. 

UMC50 announcement. Due to the awful affect the Corona Virus has had nationwide. I would like to offer this full course for £124 for a limited time. 

Online Anxiety Breakthrough Academy Google Reviews (UMC50)



I completed the Anxiety Breakthrough Academy and Ian was brilliant! He helped me understand how the mind works and introduced me to techniques that I successfully applied to my everyday life. Combined with the hypnosis tracks that Ian provides, the results really made a positive impact on me. It has helped me boast my confidence and self belief, I can't thank Ian enough! 👏


Build your self confidence! Change your life! Get started now! Ian is an amazing coach with an extensive expertise. He can help you get your life firing on all cylinders. I have been through UMC50 's anxiety break through academy and the course was incredible. The process went into great detail and was broken down in a way that made it very easy to apply. The techniques he can teach you will bring about lasting positive change.

Jodie (UMC50 Facebook Group Recommends)

Ian has been absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I hadn’t suffered with anxiety in an extreme form where it effected me leaving the house but I felt that when I did feel anxious I wasn’t coping very well and didn’t really know how to deal with it. I didn’t like the way I dealt with my feelings and lacked the knowledge and understanding behind why I felt the way that I did in order to combat it.

Ian was so supportive and professional throughout the entire process. He really helped me understand why I felt the way I did and gave me some very effective ways and ideas of coping and battling anxiety and over worrying. It has really helped me see things in a different light and taught me to deal with my thoughts and feelings rather than practice the unwanted. Even if you are dealing with anxiety or over worrying in its most minor form some help along the way is absolutely priceless. Thank you so much Ian.