I've been improving peoples mind sets for over 10 years. Still I get great enjoyment in helping someone change the way they think so they can be at their best.

I am passionate about what I do.  The mind is amazing and very powerful, if its conditioned right, a person can achieve amazing things.  Lets work together to get it right."

Ian Cue

Mind Coach

UMC50 was created after seeing many different clients for a number of different reasons. With a very high success rate. I understand the therapy tools I have gained over the years work best when the client truly wants to change, they want to make it work and are prepared to come to see me, open minded and motivated. I need co-operation and with that, and if we both feel like we can work together then we will begin to condition your mental state for you to reach full potential. 

UMC50 is here to help you condition you mind. Using various methods to get the optimum results. Each session will last between 1 hour - 1 and a half hour. 

For best results, an open mind is required, with a passion to want to achieve the goal.

 Master Hypnosis Diploma.

Hypnotherapy Diploma.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Diploma.

Sports Mind Coach Diploma

Brain Working Recursive Therapy Level one


Kinetic Shift Practitioner


UKHA Associate Trainer

in Rapid Hypnosis and  Kinetic Shift