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Ian Cue
Mindset Coach

Hi, I’m Ian Cue. I am a Mindset Coach and am passionate about helping those who a ready to commit to change, specialising in treating negative memories and emotions, including those suffering with post trauma and anxiety. Events can have a knock on affect on confidence and it is easy to then feel stuck on how to move forward. The mind is amazing and very powerful and, if its conditioned right, a person can achieve amazing things. Let’s work together to get it right.


I've been improving peoples’ mind sets for over 10 years and still get great enjoyment in helping someone change the way they think so they can be at their best. Whether a predicament has hit your business, sport or personal life, I can help you breakthrough the dreaded anxiety cycle to gain powerful confidence and self belief - so you can move forward and grow into the best version of your authentic self. 


The success with my clients is due to my years of experience as a Mind Coach, being able to adapt my skills and methods in Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis and more to help create powerful changes with my clients.


I continuously improve my own mindset through research and experimentation. I believe we all have an amazing potential to grow our mental well being and always strive for my clients to have their ULTIMATE MENTAL CONDITION.


I won't just see who you are now but the potential as to who you can be.

  • Master Hypnosis Diploma

  • Hypnotherapy Diploma

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Diploma

  • Sports Mind Coach Diploma

  • Brain Working Recursive Therapy Level one

  • Kinetic Shift Practitioner

  • UKHA Associate Trainer

  • in Rapid Hypnosis and  Kinetic Shift

  • Life Coach

  • Self trained expert in body language and the memory



Choose an Anxiety Therapist who understands how you feel.

I have been where you have been. Having started off as a worrier, and moving onto anxiety.

I remember my first panic attack. It was whilst I was in the shower and getting ready for work.

I remember it feeling like a noose around my chest, getting tighter and tighter, as if it was sucking the air out of my body.

I decided then and there, this was enough. I decided to research anxiety to a deep level of understanding. Test all that was out there until I learnt the best ways to help overcome anxious feelings, intrusive thoughts, inner critic, to then build a powerful unshakable confidence, undeterred by my circumstances.


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